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Western Freeway Sea Link Project


During the past two decades the existing western corridor stretching from Bandra to Cuffe Parade has become highly congested and the traffic volumes have already reached saturation levels, needing immediate capacity augmentation. The construction of Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link taken up by MSRDC is a partial solution to the problem. Appreciable relief can be achieved if this sea link is further extended up to Nariman Point and Cuffe Parade. The proposed Western Freeway is a north – south sea link connecting the Worli end of Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link (BWSL) to Nariman Point and further to Cuffe Parade.
Western Freeway Sea Link Project


Western Freeway Sea Link Project Phase II i.e from Worli to Nariman Point has been further phased out as follows; as per the directives of Empowered Committee, Government of Maharashtra.
Phase Description Status
Phase II-A Worli to Haji Ali section Appointment of BOT Entrepreneur is in progress. Tenders invited and last date of receipt of bids is on 29.11.08
Phase II-B Haji Ali to Nariman Point Section Consultant M/s Arup-CES JV is exploring various alternative alignments against direct sea link and its feasibility study. Pre- feasibility report is expected by the end of November 2008. In feasibility study various alternatives like tunnel from Haji Ali to Nariman Point, a sea link from Haji Ali to Priyadarshini Park then through Malabar Hill Tunnel etc will be studied. After getting detailed feasibility report the tender of this phase will be called for on BOT basis.
Phase II-A
Project Location: The alignment starts at Worli end of Bandra – Worli Sea Link, runs parallel to Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan Road shoreline (Worli Sea Face). The alignment then traverses through Love Groove Outfall and upto Haji Ali Bay and lands on Lala Lajpatrai Road at Rajni Patel Chowk. The alignment is to be provided with interchanges at Worli and Haji Ali.

Salient Features

It is estimated that an eight-lane bridge from Worli to Haji Ali interchange may be required.
Length of Bridge 3.20 kms
Project Base cost Rs. 1120 Cr (at 2007 prices)
Source if financing Equity, Debt and Grant if required
Recovery of expenditure by way of Toll, Tariff and user fee
Project schedule Four Years
Work is proposed to be executed on BOT Concessionaire’s alternative design. It is preferred to provide a modern traffic monitoring Control and surveillance system and State – of – the – Art toll collection system in the bridge.

WFSL Project Benefits

  • Significant savings in travel time due to increased speed and reduced delays at intersections.
  • More comfort in driving with reduced mental tension and overall improvement in quality of driving.
  • Reduced number of accidents.
  • Air and noise environment will improve along the thickly populated existing corridors. Concentrations of CO and NOx are expected to reduce by around 70 percent and 45 percent respectively. The noise level would reduce substantially.
  • Eco – friendly viaducts may add to the aesthetics of the coastal area.
  • Diversion of traffic on sea link will provide relief to local roads in the high – density areas.
  • No obstruction to fisherman's activities as there will be ample clearance for fishing boats and fish landings will not be disturbed.
  • here is no land acquisition and no displaced persons hence no R & R issue is involved.