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MSRDC - Project - Airoli Bridge


Airoli bridge is developed to give direct access from suburbs of Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. This link helped in proper dispersal of traffic and resulted in considerable savings in travel time and fuel cost. This bridge reduced the travel distance by 9 - 10 km and also relieved pressure on existing Thane creek bridge and Kalwa bridge.

For the first time in the country a road project of such a scale was taken up as toll project and by raising resources from financial institutions.

Initially project was commenced by CIDCO in 1994 and MSRDC took over the project in August 1998. With the concentrated efforts of MSRDC and CIDCO, this vital road link was commissioned in January 1999.

A road link connecting Thane - Belapur road and Eastern Express Highway has been established by this bridge. This bridge forms a junction on Thane - Belapur road near Airoli and meets the intersection of Eastern Express Highway and Goregoan - Mulund link road in Mumbai.

The project consists of 1030 meters length of bridge and about 3 kms of approach roads. The construction of the bridge was taken up on Turnkey basis with the contractors own design. The work commenced in January 1994. The project also included construction of minor bridge, underpass, toll station, landscaping, street lighting etc. The Airoli Bridge incurred a total cost of Rs.160 crores including interest during construction.


A Toll Bridge / Road Project
Owner Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC)
Co-ordination & Supervision CIDCO of Maharashtra Ltd.
Project Management Consultant for Bridge M/s STUP
Structural Consultant for Bridge MSRDC's own funds & loan from HUDCO.
Funding MSRDC's own funds & loan from HUDCO.
Main Bridge M/s Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.
Approach Roads M/s Mahalaxmi Construction Co. & M/s Prakash Building Associates.
Toll Station M/s Cresent Construction Co.
Total Length 3.85 km
Length of Main Bridge 1.03 km
Span Arrangement 19 spans of 50 meters c/c. Two end spans of 40 meters each. Two navigational spans
Carriageway Dual carriageway of 3 lanes each.
Central Verge 2 meters
Footpaths 2.22 meters
Wearing Coat Asphalt wearing coat
Cement used 18500 m.t.
Steel used 6000 m.t.
H.T. Wires 610 m.t.
Earth work 625000 cu.m.
Asphalting 74000 sq.m.
Commissioning of the project January 1999
Commissioning of the project January 1994
A) For the first time in the country, placement of precast girders weighing 1100 metric ton each was undertaken with barge crane.
B) Well planned and designed toll station.
C) Beautiful landscaping along the road with trees on berms and plants in the central verge.
D) Proper illumination along the corridor with appropriately designed lighting arrangement.
E) HDPE ducts for optic fiber network.