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Four laning of Satara - Kolhapur - Kagal section of NH4


Thane Ghodbunder Road is National National Highway 4, running between Mumbai Pune – Satara Kolhapur to Kagal - Maharashtra State Border is an important highway in western Maharashtra. The whole transportation towards western and southern Maharashtra takes place along this highway. There are sugarcane fields, dairy industries and industrial estates adjoining the highway. This National Highway has lead economical, social and cultural development of the western Maharashtra. However, due to urbanisation of most of the area near the highway, the speed of traffic is considerably lowered. After the completion of various projects under Krishna Valley Development, the traffic is likely to be slowed down further. Due to this, additional time and money are required to be spent on traveling and transport.

To improve the National Highways network throughout the country, Government of India has announced the Golden Quadrilateral Project. Work on implementation of this project has been entrusted to the ' National Highways Authority of India' (NHAI). Four laning of NH4 is the part of it. Four laning of Pune - Satara section of NH4 will be done by NHAI itself & NHAI has awarded the work of four laning of Satara - Kolhapur to Maharashtra - state border section of NH4 ( kms 592 / 240 to kms 725 / 000) to Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation for implementation.

Thane GhodBunder This project will help to reduce the traffic congestion at Umbraj town, Karad city, Pethnaka, MIDC Shiroli, Sangli - Miraj junction, Kolhapur Bypass, Gandhinagar junction, Gokul - Shirgaon MIDC, Kagal town etc. The project consists of four laning of the highway, construction of new bridges, culverts, widening of existing bridges, construction of flyovers and subways at congested junctions, service roads, etc. at an estimated cost of is Rs. 530 crores.
Details of four laning of Satara - Kolhapur to Maharashtra State border section of NH4 (kms. 592 / 240 to kms. 725 / 000)
1 Length of the project stretch. 133 kms
2 Major bridges 6 Nos.
3 Minor bridges 27 Nos.
4 Flyovers at busy traffic junctions 7 Nos.
5 Railway over bridges (proposed) 1 Nos.
6 Subways proposed 60 Nos.
7 Time Limit 27 months
8 Existing right of way 12 to 45 kms.
9 Proposed right of way reqd. for the project 45 / 48 / 60 mt.
10 Estimated cost of the project Rs. 530 crores
 Four laning of Satara-Kolhapur This project is to be carried out as per the guidelines and standards of NHAI. Proposed right of way, width of bridges, subways & flyovers etc. are to be taken as per NHAI standards. Looking at the present traffic and the projected traffic, the highway will require six laning within next 10 years and eight laning thereafter. In addition to this, service roads are proposed at various places. Land acquisition is done accordingly. After completion of the project work, the maintenance and repairs of the highway will be carried out by MSRDC till the concession period is over, accordingly the tenders for O & M contractors & consultancy are under process.


The expenditure of the project will be jointly done by NHAI and MSRDC. The total expenditure will be recovered by toll collection.


Toll rates will be decided by NHAI as per central government guidelines and financial feasibility report.


As per NHAI guidelines and work convenience total project stretch of 133 kms. is divided into five packages. Their scope of work is along with consultants and contractors for respective packages as detailed below :-

Sr.No. Package length Contract price (in crores) Consultants Contractors
1 Package I - (Kms 592 / 240 to Kms 616 / 000)Maharashtra State Border to Kolhapur 78.77 Consulting Engineering Services Ltd. BSCPL - SCL (Joint Venture)
2 Package II - (Kms 616 / 000 toKms 639 / 000)Kolhapur to Kanegaon 79.05 Technogem Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Simplex Gayatri (Joint Venture)
3 Package III - (Kms 639 / 000 toKms 668 / 000)Kanegaon to Kasegaon 85.41 Sir Owen Williams Innovestment Ltd. Valecha - M. Venkatrao (Joint Venture
4 Package IV - (Kms 668 / 000 toKms 697 / 000)Kasegaon to Umbraj 118.00 Span Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Larsen & Toubro Limited - ECC DIVISION
5 Package V - (Kms 697 / 000 toKms 725 / 000)Umbraj to Shendre 91.23 Stup Consultant Ltd HCC - BGSCTPL (Joint Venture)
Total 452.46
The work was started on 03/05/2002 and upto March 2006 four laning work of full length (133 Km) is completed. The work of service road, subways and minor items are remaining in package No-II only. Nearly 98% of the work is completed. The probable date of final completion of the project is May 2006.
Sr.No. Particulars Name of Agency Date of Work Order
1 Operation and Maintenance Km.592/240 to 725/000 M/s.Shinde Developers Pvt.Ltd.,Pune 07.05.2007
2 Consultancy for Operation and Maintenance Km.592/240 to 725/000 M/s.Wilbur Smith Associates, Banglore 08.06.2007