Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd.
Transforming Maharashtra's Transport Landscape
Widening of Thane Ghodbunder Road SH - 42
Improvement, Toll Collection, Operation & Maintenance

First Stage – Road Widening

Thane Ghodbunder Road is State Highway No. 42 starting at chainage 497/00 of NH - 8 and ending at NH - 3 near Kapurbawadi. This important link of length 14.90 km. connects the Eastern & Western areas of Mumbai. The growth of Thane and Mumbai city due to the rapid industrialization has resulted in a phenomenal increase in road traffic on this link. The existing two lane road was insufficient to cater to this increased traffic. Widening to 4/6/10 lanes in various stretches was taken up by MSRDC. Scope of first stage of this road widening project included 4/6/10 lane black topped carriageway with median verge and hard shoulders on both sides, foot paths in urban area, along with widening of the Chenna creek bridge, etc. This work was completed in 2002. Thane GhodBunder

Second Stage – Road Improvement / Development Work

The Project of strengthening, improvement, concretization & other development works was taken up by MSRDC on BOT basis as given below :
  • Improvements / strengthening of carriageway by black topping / concreting / paver blocks to be provided over existing carriageway.
  • Reconstruction of median verge.
  • Improvements to horizontal / vertical profile.
  • Improvements to storm water drainage system.
  • Raising of carriageway in portion of submergence.
  • Providing road markings.
  • Providing and fixing street furniture.
  • Providing and fixing of crash barriers.
  • Construction of retaining walls / gabions like protection works.
  • Construction of railings.
  • Beautification.
  • Construction of new C.D. Works.
  • Improvements of junctions.
  • Improvements to shoulders.
  • Improvements to bus bays.
  • Tree Plantation.
  • Maintenance during construction, improvement and operation.
  • Construction of Toll Plaza including all toll collection equipments.


At the end of bidding process, MSRDC has appointed Contractor M/s Thane Ghodbunder Toll Road Pvt Ltd., Contractor for improvement, Toll Collection, Operation and maintenance for Thane Ghodbunder road on 23.12.2005. Further, MSRDC appointed M/s STUP Consultants Pvt. Ltd., as Independent Engineer (Project Management Consultant) for supervising and monitoring of this project.


The notification for collecting the toll has been issued by the Government of Maharashtra from time to time and the toll is being collected from 01.12.2002 as prescribed in the Government notification, dated 25.11.2005

Present Status

The main work of cement concrete pavement, construction, bituminous pavement, paver blocks etc. is completed. Finishing items are in progress and are expected to be completed shortly.