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Railway Over Bridges Project


In the recent years, the traffic volume on the roads have increased considerably. To cater this, large scale road improvements like widening and strengthening of pavements had been undertaken by Govt. to increase the speed and safety of the traffic. However the railway level crossings proved to be bottlenecks for smooth flow of traffic. Therefore there were demands to construct Railway Over Bridges at those locations. Due to financial constraints, it was not possible for the Govt. to construct these bridges, through budgeted grants.

Therefore GOM decided to undertake the construction of the Railway Over Bridges on Build, Operate and Transfer basis. Therefore, MSRDC was appointed as nodal agency of GOM, for construction of ROBs through IRCON International Limited. IRCON was assigned the task of planning, designing and execution of these ROB in consultation with MSRDC.

Memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between MSRDC and IRCON in March 1997, for construction 29 ROBs. Out of these twenty nine, twenty ROBs had been constructed. Nine ROBs have been deferred for one or another reasons.
Railway Over Bridges Project Railway Over Bridges Project Railway Over Bridges Project

The ROBs, of which construction has been completed are as follows

Location At Actual Cost of Construction in Lacs
1 Daund 1350.00
2 Rotegaon 373.00
3 Nallasopara 1029.00
4 Tadali Main 745.00
5 Tadali Siding 480.00
6 Chandrapur 1098.00
7 Babupeth 764.00
8 Ladgaon 655.00
9 Zalta 585.00
10 Shelgaon 717.00
11 Latur road 531.00
12 Parbhani 782.00
13 Chalisgaon 146.00
14 Fursungi 937.00
15 Jajuri 433.00
16 Kedgaon 723.00
17 Nepty 675.00
18 Dehare 817.00
19 Rahuri 388.00
20 Murtizapur 836.00
Total 20 ROBs Rs. 14064.00 lacs
Apart from the above completed ROBs, the MSRDC has undertaken in hand the construction of following ROBs under difference schemes and these ROBs are at difference stage of implementation. The list of these ROBs is as below
Name of Scheme Name of ROBs/RUBs Approximate, Estimated cost Rs. in lacs
A IRDP Nagpur 1 Santra Market 4000.00
2 Kalumna 2138.00
3 Mekosabagh 1089.53
4 Mehendibagh 1198.14
5 Mangalwari 727.62
6 Itwari 400.31
7 Mascasath 200.00
8 Mominpura (RUB) 282.00
B IRDP, Pune 1 Mundhawa 782.00
2 Theur 614.00
3 Kiwale 667.00
4 Khadaki 850.00
5 Ghorapudi Village 833.00
6 Udaybagh 607.00
7 Sasanenagar 500.00
8 Manjari 522.00
9 Wadia College 240.00
C Vidarbha Vikas Programme 1 Warora 955.00
2 Rajura 700.00
3 Akola 567.00
4 Tumsar 815.00
D Improvement of Nagpur- Aurangabad- Mumbai road to National Highway Standard 1 Sanvatsar 110.91
2 Wardha 130.00
3 Ghoti 172.35
E IRDP, Aurangabad 1 Sangramnagar 313.32
2 Shivajinagar 153.00
3 On Aurangabad-Nagar road. 72.00
F IRDP, Solapur ROB at Modigate 425.00
G IRDP, Nandurbar 1 Nandurbar City 79.74
2 Nandurbar Bypass 158.35
H IRDP, Nanded 1 Easterly Diversion 400.00
2 Gokul Nagar to Yatri Niwas 475.00
I IRDP, Kolhapur Tembalai Naka 700.00
J 4 lanning project under Prime Ministers Golden Quadrilateral Project Satara-Kagal road Uchgaon 130.00
K IRDP, Amravati 1 Bandnera 700.00
2 Rajapeth 250.00
3 Nawathe plot 750.00
4 Mini Byepass 500.00
L Nandgaon ROB 307.00
Total 40 Railways Over Bridges 24514.27
Apart from above Railway over Bridges, the MSRDC is in the process of appointment of consultants for assessing the feasibility of construction of ROBs at several number of level crossings where is more than one line
Name of ROB Section Type of work Net Amount
(in Lacs)
1 ROB at Shegaon on Akot-Shegaon Road District Buldana Amravati ROB and its approaches 1080.00
2 ROB at Katol on Nagpur-Katol Road District Nagpur Nagpur ROB and its approaches -
3 ROB at Rajora on Jam Warora-Rajora Road Dristric Nagpur Nagpur ROB and its approaches 951.17
4 ROB at Warora on Chimur - Warora-Wani Road District Chandrapur Nagpur ROB and its approaches 783.20
5 ROB at Pulgaon on Pulgaon-RV Road District Wardha Nagpur ROB and its approaches 576.81
6 Construction of ROB on Ramtek Tumsar Gondiya Road near Tumsar railway station District Bhandara Nagpur ROB and its approaches 789.15
7 ROB at Kanhan - Tarsa Road District Bhandara Nagpur ROB and its approaches 603.13
8 ROB at Nagarkhed on Sawargaon - Narkhed-Katol road Nagpur ROB and its approaches -
9 Construction of ROB near Akola on Akola Gaigaon road Amravati ROB and its approaches 566.00